Tasteful Typography Project

After Critique 0 MARGINS-page-001

I completed this project on Word.


Word Screen Shot

Process: As I was going through images from the Y’s image bank I was seeing picture after picture of kids playing soccer, kids being tutored, senior citizens exercising together, and families engaged in extra-curricular activities. The sense of community stood out to me and knew I wanted to highlight that. Once I made that decision, the rest was a bit easier. I wanted to find a picture that would without a question represent a community.  The image I selected shows hands of different sizes and shades all working together on one single plant. The perfect image.  The mission of the YMCA of San Diego County is “The YMCA of San Diego County is dedicated to improving the quality of human life and to helping all people realize their fullest potential as children of God through the development of the spirit, mind and body.” I felt this image supported the mission, and although I wasn’t a fan on the quote I selected, I decided to use it as it reinforced “helping ALL people realize their fullest potential” My audience was Y members and participants.

I placed it the image into Microsoft Word. I decided to go for a circle as my shape to symbolize the unity in community. I also wanted to add further contrast to the text  so at first the word community matched the green on the handles but decided that Community would have a greater impact in white, therefore decided to match the green from the gloves to the body text. I also increased the sharpness of the image as it helped make the text more clear and easy to read.

Critique Report: My first critique was provided by Rachel Pearson, Rachel suggested that I get rid of the center alignment and pointed out that the body copy was hard to ready. my next critique was from a co-worker in the marketing department and jus like Rachel suggested I get rid of the center alignment and added that I use a square with soft edges instead of a circle, and finally that I should not use a green font as it gets lost in the image.

After following their advice Becca Hancock and Nicole Stock suggested I go back to the first design! Because I was receiving contradicting suggestions I submitted both to Sister Peterson, who suggested I get rid of the centered alignment, lower the transparency of the circle, be more intentional of my body copy alignment and pointed out that the image seemed pixelated.

I decided to follow her advice and also realized that by sharpening the image I had unintentionally gave the illusion of pixelated image. I took the sharpness away and sacrificed the definition of the body copy, but I made up for that, by decreasing the transparency  of the circle.

Links to Images: http://yexchange.org 

Font Name/Category: Title: American Type Writer, serif   Body Copy: Avenir, sans serif


3 thoughts on “Tasteful Typography Project

  1. Great work I really enjoyed the project as a whole! The message and visual image really came together in a creative way. The transparent circle with the text was well done and fit perfectly with the image behind. The title font and contrast of text color was also a great choice that popped out for the audience!


  2. I like the message that you want to transmit. Each of one have different life, works, studies, even, different way to think. But, each of these difference are useful to contribute and live as a community.
    I like picture that you chose because I love the nature, and is a great example when we can help us and the nature.
    I did my project thinking in the nature also. You can see it from my beautiful country in this link: https://liliavisbal.wordpress.com/category/design/
    I hope you can visit Peru someday!


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