5A Event Flier Project

Event Flier

I completed this project on Word as show below

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.47.54 PM

Process: For this project I wanted to keep it simple and not complicate my life using a full image. So once again I decided to go through images from the Y’s image bank and came across this picture of the kid jumping. He looked happy and I loved the colors from his jacket and having seen a Y logo similar to those colors I decided to use it. I knew I wanted to use a catch phrase and decided to tie in the image to the catch phrase which also tied in to the purpose of the event. Because the Y is a non profit organization my entire design was meant to be simple. The target audience was the community in general and people tend to distrust non profits that are very extravagant, therefore I tried to stay away from anything that may have been too flashy.

The font color scheme is the same scheme as the kid’s clothes and logo. I used a color match to get the font colors. In keeping with the simplicity I used Cachet Bold in Caps as the title and cachet lower case for the body. For my repeating graphic elements I used a purple dotted line, because I liked my use of the white space and felt adding graphics elsewhere would have made the flier seem overcrowded.

Critique Report: My first critique was provided by Sidney Sepulveda. Sidney suggested that I move the image to the left so the title didn’t overlap the image. The t was over the kid’s right foot. She also helped me realize I didn’t have the graphic elements and suggested I add lines.  The second critique was from April Bethea who suggested I flip the picture so the image is to the right and leads to the text, I followed her advice but the image felt off and in the end decided the text aligned with the kids foot angle so left it as originally presented.

Links to Images: http://yexchange.org 

Color Scheme: Complimentary Blue and Purple

Font Name/Category: Title: Cachet Bold CAPS, sans serif   Body Copy: Cachet, sans serif


3 thoughts on “5A Event Flier Project

  1. Hi Karen, I really love this flier! The colors are fantastic and really catch the eye. I also like your use of white space, it is nice and open and helps to draw my eyes to the important parts of this flier. I love your use of text size and font. I think that the large and small sizes of fonts also helps the important information in this flier stand out well. Great job! Take a look at Jake’s flier: https://vlogblogger.wordpress.com/category/design/


  2. I love this flyer! The image is so wonderful and using the clothing color as your color scheme was a great choice. I loved that you were mindful of how people might feel about non-profits and conveyed your message in a way to help those people listen. You put a lot of thought into your message and audience and it shows in the end result of your project. Great job! You can check out my flyer at: https://nicolestock.wordpress.com/2016/02/05/event-ad-project/


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