6A Slide Design Project

Process: Rita Pearson was the opening talk in a series of TED talks in Education in May of 2013. Her talk, Every Kid Needs a Champion has continued to inspire many professionals in education. I first heard her talk in 2014 at a conference and was immediately captivated by her passion.




  • entire life at the schoolhouse
  • past 40 years in education
  • Parents in education

Why kids drop out

  • poverty,
  • low attendance,
  • negative peer influences…
  • what about Human Connections, relationship


  • Seek to understand
  • academically deficient
  • cried
  • What can be done, Bright Idea


  • We were chosen
  • Kids need to know they are somebody
  • You say it long enough; it starts to be a part of you.


  • Teaching and learning should bring joy.
  • Every child deserves a champion
  • Tough Job
  • Not impossible
  • We’re educators

Audience: Fellow educators and professionals working with youth.

Design Elements: Because it is an outline to a TED talk I researched the branding guidelines. The branding guidelines require the use of Helvetica as a font and for the TED logo to be on a black, red or white logo. To add contrast to the font and tie in the TED talk guidelines I used a Sans Serif Helvetica and Helvetica Bold. My graphic element to tie in all the slides together was a red line that matched the red TED logo.

Critique Report: My first critique was from Sister Peterson, who suggested I make my copy tight like the TED logo and suggested I change the title page to make the White Space pop. She also asked me to focus on my alignment and not switch back and forth between center, left and right. The second critique was from Sidney Sepulveda who reminded me to watch the margins!

Images: http://boomerhealthinstitute.com/dont-forget-the-human-connection/ http://www.atlantapublicschools.us/Domain/983








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