Same sex marriage goes against our most sacred beliefs. As Latter Day Saints we believe that a marriage is between a man and a woman. A marriage between a man and a woman mirrors the one of our Heavenly Father. We must be faithfully married to make the most sacred covenants in this world. Marriage and families are essential to God’s plan.

I believe this and I know people in my faith believe this, so why not equally focus on other things that are threatening marriage within our own faith, such as divorce? The divorce rates among LDS couples are very high for a group of people that believe in the sanctity of marriage. Are members of our church putting pressure on young adults to be married before they are ready? Why do so many young LDS members get engaged and married so quickly after meeting each other, and why are other members ok with this? If we are choosing our partner not just for this life but for eternity, should we not invest a bit more time in getting to know each other? Our missions are much longer than some members’ courtships.

Have we given up on trying to lower or end divorce, and just decided to move on to the next thing that attacks the sanctity of marriage? When do we decide to move on to the next things? Or how do we decide where to place importance?

In just a few months, we are about to elect a woman, who’s husbands betrayal on their marriage was very public or a man who has married multiple women time after time. Yes, same-sex marriage is detrimental to the ideal family, but so is divorce, and divorce is currently more prevalent than same sex marriage both within our church and the world.

Marriage and families are under attack in many different ways and I think it is important for us as members to look in our own front yards before we look at our neighbors.


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